What brought us there - by Adah Doebele

It was in January 2014 when the events that led to the purchase of that property unfolded.
I did not bother to go and view the property, instead relying upon my Mum for everything
from payment to the title deed finally. The reason may have been because I was not inte-
rested in having a home in the rural area, especially not in a village just 9 kms away from my
birthplace and a village which I grew up knowing that it was a "village of fools" as other villa-
ges had named it. I had my own "perfect" plans, now that our younger children were all in
high school. I knew we would be able to buy land close to Nairobi where all the "essential"
amenities are within easy reach. And anyway, by then it would be easy for us to live in Ger-
many, my husbands home country, with the children in college. And so after the purchase,
I did not see reason to erect any structure there. After all Mum had already nagged me into
erecting a perimeter fence. Soon after she began pushing me to put up a small house for a
person who would care for the property, to live in. Having a valid reason, I told her we could
not afford it, undeterred, she borrowed construction material that could complete a 2-roomed
semi-permanent house. After the Lord anointed me and gave me an overwhelming desire to
move home, I did, two years later and decided to add two more rooms.
A while later I had a vision in the night. A large fiery head of a lion was flying from the south
end of the property to the north, where it would turn and blow fire. When the fire reached
the ground, it became streams of water. This happened several times, meanwhile water foun-
tains where emerging everywhere on the grounds of the Sanctuary with people working in
peace, joy and contentment. Yes, and we got water and green grass is all over the ground.
That is amazing because this property is elevated and stony hence rain water simply runs off
People are working there, building the cabins for visitors in peace, with joy and contentment.
Two years later, the Lord reminded me of a vision I had over thirty years earlier. An uncle who
passed on either before I was born or when I was very little had called at our house for Mum
who was not in. He then introduced himself and after telling me that my brother who had been studying in Russia was back in the country, a fact that came to pass the next night, when he ac-
tually arrived home unannounced. He had then asked me to go with him to see the flowers
"they plant where He is". They where white and I did not recognize them. So last year, when I
was reminded of the vision I realized that the flower garden he took me to visit is the space on which Adornment Sanctuary stands. The flowers are Bougainvilleas. I liked them so much that when I was moving I planted some at the fence.
" You LORD took up my case; You redeemed my life " Lamentations 3:58